How it Works
  • STEP 1: Assess
    Select a topic and take a pre-test to get an idea of how much you know.
  • STEP 2: Learn
    Watch a presentation from a certified credit counselor.
  • STEP 3: Test
    Take a post-test to see how much you’ve learned. ClearPointU students improve their scores by an average of 14% after taking their first course.
Choose from five essential money management topics.


Want to learn how to use credit wisely?

Worried about identity theft?

Need to use credit in your business?

Take the free courses in our credit module to learn more about these topics.


Who is involved in the homebuying process?

Is “rent to own” a good deal?

What are my options after going through foreclosure?

Get these questions answered when you take the free courses in our housing module.


Want to learn how to make a monthly budget?

Trying to save for a big purchase such as a home?

Ready to open your first bank account?

Learn all about tracking your spending in our budgeting module.

Debt Management

What’s the best way to pay down debt?

Should I refinance my home?

How do I avoid taking on debt during the holidays?

We help answer these questions in our free debt management courses.

Life Events

Getting married soon?

Experienced an unexpected emergency or setback?

Planning to purchase your first home?

Take the free courses in our Life Events module so you can overcome these financial hurdles.